Miss Calico's First Day!

Frisco Mikado Steam Locomotive

Makes Test Trip to Uhlerville!

"Miss Calico" moves along side the under construction Uhlerville service facility.  The locomotive was moved around the yard to the water tower.  "Miss Calico's" caboose and U36B diesel locomotive wait down the track for her return.  After a 45 minute servicing layout, "Miss Calico" returned home.

On thursday, the first revenue trip was made to the mainline junction.  "Miss Calico" has just passed her hometown station bringing her coal train home.  the Frisco U36B #8572 diesel locomotive and an outside brace boxcar accompanied the Mikado locomotive to the mainline junction and back.  This picture was taken by a newspaper photographer sitting on top of the Main Street railroad crossing signal.

Morris Helicopter Service provided air coverage to the local newspaper.  This photographer took this picture while chasing the Mikado with her first coal train.

The second picture in this series shows the top of the 4100 coal tender.  The photographer caught the first 10 feet of the air intake of the #8572 U36B.  If you look real close, you can see the fire box flow on the top of the rail between the locomotive and tender.

"Miss Calico" and her consist round the curve preparing for the delivery.  When the coal train is delivered, the locomotive lash up will move back to the service yard for the day.  Congratulation on a job well done.

On Miss Calico's second coal train run, this train chaser caught the Mikado working her way through Bessie Mountain on her way home.

On Friday, the second revenue trip was made to the mainline junction.  "Miss Calico" has just come out of the mountain tunnel on her way into town.  Today, "miss Calico" made the trip by herself.  The second coal train will complete the job orders for the week.  After the crew delivers this coal train to the yard, the Mikado will be moved to the service area for the weekend.

As "miss Calico" blows her whistle announcing her arrival back home, the citizens of Calico, Texas are standing on the station platform and along the track waiting to welcome here home after her second run.

"Miss Calico" and her consist are sitting on this side track waiting for the yard crew to align the switches so this coal train can be backed into the yard.  The photographer of this picture was standing on top of the yard's light tower.

Miss Calico's First Revenue Day!

Miss Calico's Second Revenue Run!