Calico Meadows

An East Texas Retirement Home

Miss Calico


January 8, 1980


June 23, 1999

Miss Calico's Memorial

Rest In Peace on Your Beloved Calico Meadows

On June 23, 1999, at approximately 7:10 PM Central Time, Miss Calico passed away at her beloved home, Calico Meadows.

Miss Calico's health had been slowly failing this year.  Miss Calico's last few days were very hard for everyone.  It was very difficult to watch her slowly slip away.

Miss Calico's final resting place will be here at her beloved Calico Meadows.  She will always remain in our hearts and we're proud Calico Meadows carries her name.

For those who met Miss Calico, please remember her and all the memories she has given us.  Miss Calico's passing has left a very large hole in our lives, our hearts, and we miss her dearly.

We honor her memory here with this, Miss Calico's web site.