Calico Meadows

An East Texas Retirement Home

Calico Meadows began as a quarter horse farm in 1980. There have been 3 registered colts born at Calico Meadows with a total head count of 5 registered quarterhorses on the property at one time. With the construction of the new barn, this gave Miss Calico the ability to house 6 horses.

In 1983, the new barn was built using a combination of brick and metal. The roof is a metal roof unit with a red iron frame, manufactured by Red Dot, Athens, Texas, and the exterior and interior walls built with concrete building blocks. With the outside dimensions of the barn 54 feet by 85 feet, a roof peak at 28 feet, an overhead door at both ends, the Calico Meadows barn is an imposing site.

Listed are some of the statistics about the barn.

     •     A 16 foot wide alley through the middle,

     •     14 foot wide overhead doors on

        each end of the alley,

     •     6 horse stalls, 16 foot by 16 foot,

     •     A 10 foot by 16 foot wash bay,

     •     A 10 foot by 10 foot feed room,

     •     A 8 foot by 16 foot tack room,

     •     A 6 foot by 10 foot restroom,

     •     A 16 foot by 40 foot shop room.

The barn was built so each horse stall would have its own water supply. The wash bay and the shop were plumbed for hot water. The electric load will handle up to a 200 AMP service. The shop room is equipped with electric heat and air conditioning system.

All of the hinged doors are 4 foot wide, except the restroom. The shop has a double door unit that opens on the alley (2 - 3 foot doors). Each horse stall has two doors. The outside door is 4 foot wide and opens to the pasture. The inside door is 6 foot wide and opens to the center alley. The stalls and alley have clay floors, while the wash bay, feed room, tack room, shop and restroom have concrete floors.

Calico Meadows is located between the Tri-cities of Kilgore, Longview, and Tyler, Texas. Calico Meadows is located in the northeast corner of beautiful East Texas.

Calico Meadows received its name from a calico kitten that came to this farm before construction of the house began in 1980. We bestowed upon her the name of Calico and so was born CALICO MEADOWS, THE FARM.

Miss Calico watched over her domain by actively touring her home daily for over 19 years until her passing on June 23, 1999.

Some statistical information about Calico Meadows.

Calico Meadows was built to be a 12 acre horse farm with a 3400 square foot home and a 4300 square foot barn. Of the 12 acres, 10 acres is pasture. Calico Meadows is situated on the upper side of a hill and has two water sheds. This general area was divided into 5 to 10 acre home sites and the homes are brick.  Calico Meadows faces the south with Farm to Market road access and the barn situated half way back on the property.